Why is it so important to waterproof?
Waterproofing is a key aspect of construction. Silica Groups are waterproofing contractors for last two decade. Our range of products offers numerous waterproofing systems for construction companies, from foundations to roofs. However, sometimes individual solutions are required to solve waterproofing problems. That is why our highly specialized technical department works with customers to analyze every situation and develop a solution that meets the specific customer requirements.
Why is waterproofing fundamental?
Every year, large amounts of money are invested in infrastructure around the world, both in public and private projects. According to reports from the government, 80% of damage to structures is caused by waterproofing problems. Investing in high quality floor waterproofing contractor not only protects structures from water intake but also assures resource efficiency, low maintenance costs and a return on long-term investment.
New buildings
In new constructions, the exterior waterproofing of basements and underwater foundation waterproofing protect it from the water inlet from the surrounding ground. Water- repellent products from Waterproofing contractors in Delhi protect you from the water inlet while special paints safeguard face-to-face in coastal areas from aggressive marine atmospheres.
Restoration projects

In works restoration projects, cementations crystallization products ensure waterproofing in negative impetus, such as in the case of basements or tunnels. There are also special quick-kneading mortars to block the active water coming. Curtain injection Velvet injections are special solutions that can waterproof the outside of the structure without accessing directly.
Beat all the blues of water leaks and damage by hiring expert Waterproofing contractors in Delhi with Silica Group. We provide end to end flooring and waterproofing solutions for your house and offices. Call us today to get your quotes.

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Roof Waterproofing
One should always safeguard their house from the bad effect of rain water damage and always go for the best offer for Roof Waterproofing services all the time. One should always go for the leading and famous company for this which always offers the best for this all the time as per our client’s...
Basement Treatment
there are too many waterproofing treatment for various location like wall, retaining wall , Floor Etc....
Membrane Waterproofing
A waterproofing membrane is a thin layer of water-tight material that is laid over a surface. This layer is continuous and does not allow water to pass through it. For example, on a flat terrace, a waterproofing membrane could be laid above the structural slab and below the finish tiles. This will...
Terrace Garden Waterproofing
Terrace Waterproofing
For decades, Silica Group has been the leader in the field of waterproofing systems and thermal insulation materials for civil engineering and civil engineering. Quality is the focus, without neglecting the ecological aspects. With our specially developed building waterproofing solutions, we create...
Swimming Pool
Terrace Swimming Pool
Elastomeric Polymer Coatings
Bathroom Sunken /Wet Area
Washrooms, Bathrooms and kitchens have a sunken area below the floor that houses the water pipe network. This area should also be treated as a basement, and similar effective waterproofing solutions must be followed in this case. There is often a presence of water within the sunken areas, and adequate...
Pile Waterproofing
Brick Bat Coba
We offer Brick-Bat Coba Waterproofing Service to our clients. We use good quality products for providing these services. Our clients can avail these services at very reasonable prices....
Concrete, by its very nature lies open to the persistent challenges of water, chemicals and a wide variety of harsh environments. these challenges before they become problems by reducing concrete’s permeability and enhancing its durability...right from the start. true integral waterproofing...
Exterior Waterproofing